Retratos (15): J. D. Salinger

He was a skinny little weak-looking guy, with wrists about as big as pencils. Finally, what he did, instead of taking back what he said, he jumped out the window. I was in the shower and all, and even I could hear him land outside. But I just thought something fell out the window, a radio or a desk or something, not a boy or anything. Then I heard everybody running through the corridor and down the stairs, so I put on my bathrobe and I ran downstairs too, and there was old James Castle laying right on the stone steps and all. He was dead, and his teeth, and blood, were all over the place, and nobody would even go near him. He had on this turtleneck sweater I'd lent him. All they did with the guys that were in the room with him was expel them. They didn't even go to jail.

Suspensión de Teórico 3/10 y Mesa de Finales 4/10

Les comunicamos que, por la semana de exámenes, el teórico del profesor Matelo del próximo jueves 3 se pasa al jueves 10 en el horario habitual y en el aula 108 (sala de proyecciones).


Para los alumnos que aprobaron la cursada en años anteriores:

La mesa de finales de diciembre, en su primer llamado, será el viernes 4 a las 9:00 hs. El aula figura en la cartelera del departamento de Alumnos.